Saturday, October 31, 2015

Forepaugh's-Haunted by Molly, the Maid

While dining at lovely Forepaugh's French restaurant, I wonder how many patrons know that the place is haunted?  It is an historic home with an interesting history.


Entrepreneur Joseph Lybrandt Forepaugh made his fortune in the dry-goods business and was Senior Partner in the J.L. Forepaugh and Company. In 1870, Joseph bought 5 lots of land and in the center of his land, he built a ten thousand dollar Victorian mansion with a basement, three floors and beautifully landscaped grounds and gardens for his family. His wife Mary and their two daughters moved into a mansion filled with the highest quality, finely crafted room furnishings. 
Along with the fine living, Joseph hired servants as well. He made the mistake of having an affair with a young maid, Molly. When Mary, Joseph's wife, caught them in bed, she asked Joseph to end it and he did. Molly, realizing she was pregnant, hanged herself in a third floor room by tying the rope to a chandelier and throwing herself out the window, probably around 1865.

Molly - (Maid who killed herself so long ago)
* Molly has been seen and heard near the area where she killed herself. 
* During a reception, where all the waitresses were dressed in 19th century dresses, a woman, dressed in a 19th century dress, unlike the other employees, was seen gliding down the hall by staff before she melted into the wall. 
* Employees opening up the restaurant, heard distinct tromping on the third floor. The police were called, who brought a K-9 dog to investigate. The dog refused at first to go up to the third floor, but finally did after some persuasive coaxing. The tromping stopped and no one living was found.
* Molly is a sociable ghost. She likes to sometimes attend weddings and receptions. The restaurant has a wedding picture which captured her image as well.
* In the basement, lights turn on and off by themselves, the living feel cold chills and hear strange noises.
Credit and more information, go here.


  1. It's an incredibly beautiful place and seeing as how I don't believe in ghosts, I would have no problem visiting this place.

  2. i'll pass on that place!

  3. Another spooky story for Halloween. I'm glad she's a friendly ghost.

  4. I love a good ghost story.

  5. It looks like a beautiful place, even with spectral company!

  6. I'm not sure I believe in ghosts, but this tour has been interesting.

  7. Been there but didn't know about "Molly". However I'd go again. Great restaurant.

  8. Lovely building. The history is curious...Joseph bought the lots in 1870 and yet Molly is supposed to have thrown herself out the window in 1865. Those ghosts!

    1. Kay, You read more carefully than I; I should have caught the error. I imagine it is a typo. I also neglected to credit the source which I always do. Guess that's what happens when one is distracted!!

  9. A sociable ghost doesn't sound too scary. ;)

  10. Very interesting! I love a good haunted house story this time of year.

  11. It is quite a grand house. Say hello to Molly next time you dine there.

  12. A genial ghost is a nice addition to such a lovely old house. Long may she haunt!


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